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Digital Campus #6 – Designed to Make You Think

In the sixth episode of our podcast, our creative lead and web design guru Jeremy Boggs discusses recent trends in the composition of websites, and how to make sites that work well in academia, museums, and libraries. In the news roundup we highlight several stories with a common theme–information and images showing up at inopportune times and in inopportune places.

Digital Campus #5: Tragedy and Technology

We take a break from our normal format to spend the entirety of this episode thinking about the role of technology—its great power to forge social bonds and enable a new kind of memorialization, as well as its unfortunate ability to underscore the separation of those who remain outside social circles—in the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Digital Campus Podcast Launches

I’m excited to announce the launch of Digital Campus, a new podcast that explores how digital media and technology are affecting learning, teaching, and scholarship at colleges, universities, libraries, and museums. In the inaugural podcast our feature story covers the controversy over whether Wikipedia is a useful or problematic resource for students. In the news roundup, we wonder if the launch of Windows Vista has any significance, ponder the rise of Google Docs as an alternative to Word, and cover recent stories about Blackboard‘s patents and their social bookmarking site, And at the end of the podcast, we share links to the best wiki software and sites on digital maps and books.

I share the virtual roundtable with Mills Kelly and Tom Scheinfeldt, and we’ll be sure to draw from the vast talent at the Center for History and New Media and other digitally savvy domains in subsequent episodes.

Interested? Take a quick listen, or go ahead and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.